June 12, 2012

In the mean time...

I promise I'm alive still. I have just started back at school and I am learning a balance between school, rest and sewing. As much as I love my craft times, I don't find starting new projects a relaxing activity. I enjoy the process, but I've learned that it's better to start something new with a fresh set of eyes and a brain free of gobbledygook so I can properly understand the instructions.
That all said, I do have a few projects on the go, and two new remnant bin finds for future Sorbettos, or variations there of.
In the mean time I will share a past project with you which I have been meaning to publish anyways.

The Baby Quilt

 Well, one of them. I have made a few, but sadly, forgotten to take photos before giving them away. This one I made using lots of scraps from my quilting fabrics, remnant bin finds and some really fun prints that were a birthday present. I did buy the bright blue and the orange striped cotton to bring the whole blanket together.
Instead of traditional quilting, intricate hand-sewn (or machine) patterns, or even my usual machine sewn rows, I decided to hand quilt the outlines of the small animals across the blanket. It worked out very nicely, and was a great lap project for a few long car rides in the passenger seat. Hopefully the young gift-recipient will enjoy the blanket just as much as I enjoyed making it.