July 3, 2012

Jeans for the summer

I received some hand-me-down jeans from a friend a few weeks back and with the summer weather starting to peak I thought I'd alter some into a pair of capri pants. Easy-peasy! I just tried the pants on, marked them and then cut at the desired length.

I did add slits on each leg just about 2 inches long to add extra movement to the legs. I seem ripped up to where I wanted and then pinned the new hem in place to hold it. I did reinforce the bottom of the seem on the side leg just to prevent any unwanted seem ripping. I used a golden heavy weight jean thread to top stitch the cuffs and the slits like traditional jeans. I used bright red thread to top stitch the top of the slits to add a colour top stitching detail which copies a similar original detail on the bum pockets.
A fairly easy upcycling project for a new pair of pants and I've already gotten a lot of wear out of them. Maybe one day I'll share my rediculous jean collection with you...and no...they are not found in my wardrobe.  :)

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