October 30, 2012


Well, I hoped to have a project finished by the end of October, but alas, time has run away again. I've been happily sewing little bits each day and I am soon to be done this project but then the zipper strikes. First try, I sewed in the invisible zipper just right, only to then try on my garment and realize it needed to be adjusted just slightly for a better fit.
The needles mark where I need to take in material. A funny angle. I can't wait to finish this stash buster project.  I am amazed at how quickly some other bloggers sew and post their finished projects: Lauren of Lladybird and Carolyn of Handmade by Carolyn for example. Well, for me this project will just have to join the ranks of the November posts. 'till then...

*UPDATE* Well gosh darnit. One little tine on the zipper busted and now I need to go buy and re-insert a whole new one. One more barrier...

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