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August 30, 2012

Whatever happened to those comfy pair of jeans?

I promised you here that one day I'd show you my jean 'collection'. Well, since my sewing machine is given me headaches (not picking up stitches), I thought I'd share the collection instead.

So, whatever did happened to those comfy pair of jeans? Those that I've worn out, I've stashed away in boxes like this:
 Then they are disassembled and stored here and here:
And then finally they get made into something usually like this:
A shopping/utility/multi-purpose bag! Personally, I enjoy using them way more than the cheep ones sold at the grocery store. Each bag has it's own personality; I add in drapery fabric from a sample book I was given. They are great to use too because they have the same weight and (usually) texture as the jeans.
This funny hobby originated from my favourite jeans about ten years ago. You know, those pair that are incredibly comfy, you wear them all the time, and then they slowly start to deteriorate and so you add a patch here, and there. Then they rip more, and you hand stitch them there and here, and add another patch to reinforce the old ones too. And then those pants deteriorate so much that one day while doing maintenance work, you hear a RRRIIIIPPPPP, and you know that the only you will wear these pants anymore is with a pair of leggings underneath. (And you do too, because you work at camp, and this is totally acceptable).
But one day, those jeans must retire. And myself, having artfully stitched and patched those pants, couldn't bear to toss them. So instead I cut them up and made my very first jean bag. (The yellow plaid was even the patching material I had used over and over).
And I still use it years later! I have made many more, so many I couldn't take pictures of them all. But every part of the jeans are used. The back pockets are used on the insides, belt loops for decorations, and the waist bands (the most valuable part) are used as the handles. (You always need two pairs of jeans to make one bag...)
The material gets used for the obvious, and even the thick seams of the jeans I will cut out and weave together and make funky bags.
Family and friends started donating their old jeans to me, and now I've made many projects with denim, including a quilt (a gift: Thanks for the picture D.), hot 'plates', coasters and even a computer case (unsuccessfully).
It's a heavy fabric, and can be a pain to sew the thick seams, but I enjoy the results more. And the fact that my old favourite jeans can still be used. That's some great upcycling for ya!

June 12, 2012

In the mean time...

I promise I'm alive still. I have just started back at school and I am learning a balance between school, rest and sewing. As much as I love my craft times, I don't find starting new projects a relaxing activity. I enjoy the process, but I've learned that it's better to start something new with a fresh set of eyes and a brain free of gobbledygook so I can properly understand the instructions.
That all said, I do have a few projects on the go, and two new remnant bin finds for future Sorbettos, or variations there of.
In the mean time I will share a past project with you which I have been meaning to publish anyways.

The Baby Quilt

 Well, one of them. I have made a few, but sadly, forgotten to take photos before giving them away. This one I made using lots of scraps from my quilting fabrics, remnant bin finds and some really fun prints that were a birthday present. I did buy the bright blue and the orange striped cotton to bring the whole blanket together.
Instead of traditional quilting, intricate hand-sewn (or machine) patterns, or even my usual machine sewn rows, I decided to hand quilt the outlines of the small animals across the blanket. It worked out very nicely, and was a great lap project for a few long car rides in the passenger seat. Hopefully the young gift-recipient will enjoy the blanket just as much as I enjoyed making it.